Crate Injection Molding & Mold Making

Are there services after plastic crate mould installation?
Yes, there are. Taizhou Huangyan Yougo Mould & Plastic Co., Ltd, as a customer-oriented and service-based manufacturing company, has set up a Customer Service Department since established, the purpose of which is to provide customers with professional service throughout the whole process from preliminary communication process to after-sales service. Our service ranges cover technical support referring to the repair and maintenance of the product and prompt online Q&A which includes the guidance on the product installation. Customers are free to contact us and your problems will all be solved.

Yougo Mould is a famous name in the domain of manufacturing plastic products supplier. We have a striking national presence. The plastic products series is one of the main products of Yougo Mould. The production equipment of Yougo home appliances mould has been constantly upgraded for greater precision and efficiency. The equipment includes roll building machinery and extruder, mixing mill, surfacing lathes, milling machinery, and molding presses. Let the precise molding effect do all the talking. The product features a high CRI (color rendering index). It brings out the true colors of an object without appearing dinginess or inaccuracy. Yougo - Only make the perfect mold.

To realize Yougo 's corporate mission of plastic products is essential. Contact us!
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