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5 Safe And Effective Ways To Get Rid Of Black Mold

by:Yougo      2020-10-31
Black mold is the most annoying fact about humid places. It really makes life difficult for people living in humid regions of the world. In addition to moisture, the surfaces with moderate temperature and sufficient supply of light are the most places where black mold grows. It not only spoils the home appliances, but also poses serious threat to the health of the inhabitants. Once it starts growing, it spreads, taking over your house. It is very important to get rid of black mold to prevent any material and health loss. The first way is to control moisture inside the home. 1. The first appearance of mold should stir you into action. People living in such moist regions may use humidifier units, to keep their home dry and fresh. If you use an air conditioner or a heating unit, you must also install the dehumidifier unit to nullify the humidity effect. 2. Bleach-water solution is a widely used way of cleaning mold surfaces. However, the wrong ratio may bleach the color of the mold, instead of removing it. Therefore, it should always be used in well calculated proportion, with personal care such as a mask and gloves. Bleach can be used to remove mold from tiles, walls and damp places. You may also use brushes, sponges and scrubs, to wipe off infected surfaces. 3. Vinegar is considered an excellent home based procedure, for getting rid of black mold and white vinegar kills the mold, by its level of acidity. It can be a good substitute for the harsh chemicals which are not only health hazards, but also tarnish the surface. In addition, you may also use baking soda with vinegar. The white paste can be applied to cracks and surfaces showing mold growth. Many small preventive steps can help in developing healthier environment. 4. Ammonia can also be used to clean the mold surface. It should be used separately, never with bleach as its fumes can cause serious health hazards. Black mold spreads through spores. The best way to prevent their spread is to use air filters. The air filters such as HEPA air filters bring in fresh, spore free air. The freshly circulating air decreases the spore load inside the home. These filters need to be replaced regularly. 5. If nothing works, go for chemical fungicides to kill the mold spores. Try any of the above mentioned ways to get rid of the toxic black mold.
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