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5 Interesting Facts About Creating a Custom Plastic

by:Yougo      2020-10-31
So you have some custom plastic products to get made, but you've never dealt with a plastic products company before. Well, before you get started, here are five things that you absolutely need to know right up front... Plastic Products Manufacturing Gets Cheaper in Bulk When it comes to creating a plastic product, the fact is that creating one will cost quite a bit more per unit than creating several. If you want a plastic object created just for fun or just to use as a prototype, it may not be worth the expense. Unless you plan on manufacturing several and turning a profit, don't expect to get custom plastic products made for cheap. Certain Models Work Better When in doubt, simplicity is key for plastic products manufacturing. It's much easier for a plastic manufacturer to mold, say, a Hello Kitty doll than it is to make a complex, sculpted action figure or something with a lot of moving or delicate parts. Multiple Manufacturers Some people choose to use multiple factories, multiple companies through which to manufacture their plastic products. This is because two factories can produce products twice as fast. Sometimes, one factory simply won't be able to turn over the order in time. It's a good idea to at least have a back up company in your address book so you know who to call if the foreman tells you that they can't turn over your order in time. Painting Costs Extra Typically speaking, you're probably going to get a solid-colored item from the plastics manufacturer. If you want to produce a painted product, you'll have to have your products sent to a factory that paints plastic products for you. Pretty much everything we've said here about finding and employing the services of a plastics manufacturer applies to any company that paints plastic products, as well. Loyalty to a Plastic Products Company Helps Many factories actually reserve their best deals for long time customers. You might actually get serious discounts over a longer contract that are not available to people who only need one or two shipments over a matter of months. Staying loyal to a single plastic products company, so long as they produce good, high quality, consistent work, means that you will ultimately wind up paying far less for their services. This can result in lower prices when you put your product out on shelves, as well, which ultimately means more sales.
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